‘Women Don’t Prioritise Their Health’

Namita Thapar Braves Up On Her Struggle With Perimenopause: 'Women Don't Prioritise Their Health'

Namita Thapar is one of the most successful businesswomen in the global arena at the moment. CEO of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, she is currently ruling the television screens with her stint in the reality show, Shark Tank India. The talented lady has always inspired millions of people with her constant strides to reach the top. Moreover, she has been entertaining everyone with her stint in the show, where she often reveals unheard experiences from her life and profession.

Namita Thapar talks about her struggles with perimenopause on Shark Tank India

In the latest episode of Shark Tank India, Namita Thapar won several hearts by braving to open up about her struggles with perimenopause, which is a common health issue, millions of women have suffered in silence for years. The businesswoman revealed that she felt lucky initially when she didn’t have issues with her periods. However, she was diagnosed with perimenopause suddenly, and she experienced heavy menstrual bleeding, even during a few schedules of shooting the show. In her words:

“In my case, I had never faced any issues during my periods so I used to consider myself lucky. But when perimenopause happens, people think oh this is just for teenagers or younger women. When my perimenopause began, one of the biggest symptoms was heavy menstrual bleeding. Even during Shark Tank’s shoot I faced those issues.”

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Namita Thapar claims she became anaemic with her haemoglobin going down to eight

Moving forward in her revelation, Namita then remarked that when she got diagnosed with perimenopause, her haemoglobin began to dip as low as eight and she became highly anaemic. As a result, she had to intake dosages of ferric carboxymaltose through a long, 45-min process via an IV channel. She mentioned:

“I became so anaemic that my haemoglobin went to 8 and we have an injectable that we take through IV, Ferric carboxymaltose. I had to take the injection for five months, it is a 45-minutes process. That is how I am sitting here today. There can be such serious issues in women’s productivity.”


Namita ushers women to prioritise their health and normalise speaking about it

Later on, Namita Thapar took to her IG handle and re-shared a clip from the episode of Shark Tank India. Along with it, she penned a caption, where she ushered countless women out there to normalise talking about women’s health issues, like she did on the national television. An excerpt from her caption can be read as:

“Women don’t prioritise their health & don’t speak up. I’ve used @sharktank.india platform to speak about my experiences with mental health, IVF, fitness & now perimenopause. It’s been a tough phase for me personally. I was happy to use the Matri pitch to share my journey & educate … let’s take charge of our health!”

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Namita Thapar once revealed she faced severe anxiety issues over getting body-shamed

Namita Thapar has always been quite vocal about opening up about her struggles in life quite candidly. For instance, she had once remarked getting mocked in the show, Shark Tank India, which didn’t go well with her self-confidence. Namita also recalled facing similar experiences in her childhood, where she was made fun of, for being over-weight and having facial hair.


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