Shreyas Talpade Teases Akshay Kumar’s Welcome To The Jungle Plot: ‘It’s A Story About…’ | Exclusive

Shreyas talks about Welcome 3.

Shreyas talks about Welcome 3.

Shreyas Talpade talks about the plot of Welcome to the Jungle, which will be released in December this year.

The third instalment of the Welcome franchise, Welcome to the Jungle, will hit the theatres after much anticipation on December 20 this year. When the first glimpse of the film was unveiled last year, it generated quite a buzz due to its stellar star cast and distinction from the two previous films. Now, Shreyas Talpade, who will feature in the film in a prominent role, has opened up about its plot.

In an exclusive conversation with News18 Showsha, Shreyas said, “It’s a pretty interesting and funny story about these guys all coming together and pulling off a kind of stunt. The brief was very clear, let’s have some madness on set and let’s make sure we entertain people. I’m looking forward to the next big schedule we’ll have in March.”

“There are some crazy scenes with me and Tusshar together. That was one of the USPs, not only me and Tusshar but also Arshad and Sanju sir are coming together,” he added.

With films like Golmaal and Housefull, Shreyas Talpade’s name has become synonymous with the comedy genre. However, there was a time when he was rejected from another ‘famous’ comedy franchise as the director felt that he had a ‘serious’ image. Recalling the incident, Shreyas said, “After I did my first film, Iqbal, I auditioned for another very famous comedy franchise and I was rejected because the director felt that I had a very serious image after the film. He said, ‘Yaar usme toh tune baat bhi nahi ki hai. Tu jab bolega toh pata nahi kaisa lagega. Comedy kar payega ki nahi kar payega.’ He was very honest with me and that is why I ended up respecting him more.

“He said, ‘Shreyas, I don’t know if I can take that chance. I like you as an actor but this is a different genre.’ I had done plays in comedy but people hadn’t seen me do comedy in films. That was the era of these multi-starrer comedies coming up like Dhol, Housefull, Golmaal and Dhamal, so I was scared because I wanted to do it too. Luckily for me, Golmaal happened. There was a lot of appreciation once that film was released. The same director then said to me, ‘I think I missed the chance, but don’t worry, there will be a time when we will work together because I loved you in Golmaal and I was wrong in not casting you.’ That’s how I ended up being in a lot more comedies,” Shreyas said.

The actor added, “From a point where people thought I couldn’t do comedy to a time when people think I’m good only in comedy, it has been quite a journey. Now is the time when I need to reinvent myself as an actor, but having said that, comedy is something I love to do.”

While Shreyas is currently shooting for Welcome to the Jungle, he also has Golmaal 5 in the pipeline. Shreyas Talpade is currently seen in the Marathi film Hee Anokhi Gaath.

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