With the promo doing the trick and good interest been generated amongst the audiences, Shaitaan managed to open quite well at the box office on Friday. However, beyond the first day, it was always going to be the content doing all the talking and that has happened indeed for the film, what with the second day turning out to be even better. As a matter of fact, even the first day itself was a testimony to good word of mouth coming into play because in absence of that, Friday could well have closed in at Rs. 11-12 crores range. However, Rs. 15.21 crores came in.

Shaitaan Box Office: Ajay Devgn starrer has a solid Day 2, reaches Rs. 34.39 crores

That’s the reason why the growth, which has come on the second day, has its price worth in gold because as it is the film had reached a very good high on the first day itself. Now even after accounting for the fact that Friday was also witness to partial holiday of Mahashivratri, Saturday could well have been just a crore or two ahead of Friday. However, what has actually transpired is even better, what with Saturday numbers zooming all the way up to Rs. 19.18 crores, which is really impressive.

As a result, the Rs. 30 crores mark has been very comfortably surpassed by Shaitaan in a matter of just couple of days and the big Sunday is still awaited. The Ajay Devgn and Madhavan starrer currently stands at Rs. 34.39 crores and now the Vikas Behl directed film would be aiming for a serious dash towards the Rs. 55 crores mark. It would be tough but then the numbers that will eventually come in would pretty much be in a touch and go spot. Bollywood has a good hit in hand now and what needs to be seen is whether Shaitaan will eventually emerge as a superhit.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources