Sara Ali Khan Reacts To Other Actresses Copying Her Airport Dressing Style, ‘It Used To Bother Me’

Sara Ali Khan Reacts To Other Actresses Copying Her Airport Dressing Style, 'It Used To Bother Me'

Sara Ali Khan is one of the most talented and versatile actresses of her generation. Despite being the daughter of actor parents, Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, the lady has cemented her name in Hindi cinema out of her own merit and has never failed to mesmerise audiences. Apart from her professional feat, Sara is also known for her bubbly and humble personality. For instance, the way in which she greets everyone with her banter of ‘namaste darshakon’ and dons the simplest of clothes in most public appearances, has got zillions of her fans swooning over her.

Sara Ali Khan got bothered when other actresses started to imitate her personality and style statements

In a recent interaction with the Hindustan Times during the screening of her upcoming film, Ae Watan Mere Watan, Sara Ali Khan addressed how she was severely bothered when many other actresses started to imitate her style of saying namaste darshakon and wearing simple Indian wear at the airport. The diva claimed that both these traits of her are not a gimmick, but it is instead her true self. In her words:

“It used to bother me when I used to think that I was being copied. Like this whole namaste, it’s not like an act. I genuinely greet people like that and suddenly it became a template that every girl was doing. This wearing Indian clothes at the airport and going with wet hair and all like it used to irritate me when other girls used to do it.”

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Sara reveals how she started to deal with others imitating her sense of style and behaviour

Moving forth in the conversation, Sara Ali Khan remarked while she used to get bothered and irritated by people trying to copy her style statements initially, later on she realised that her audience actually know the difference between what is original and what is copied. She stated:

“But, I realised that my darkshaks know it’s me. It’s fine, now it doesn’t bother me anymore. They write also, ‘Sara ko copy kar rahi hai.’ Now I find it amusing. Now I’m like accha theek hai been, kar le.”


Sara recalled being treated differently by people in the film industry after some of her films tanked

In another interaction with BollywoodLife, Sara Ali Khan talked about the phase of her career when some of her films tanked at the box-office. The actress revealed that while earlier, she was treated quite warmly by members of the film industry, at that particular point of time, she started to realise being treated differently. She mentioned that she felt the drastic change, as at one point, she was at the top, and a minute later, she was sidelined.

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Sara Ali Khan revealed the acting advice she got from her badi amma, Sharmila Tagore

Sara Ali Khan is extremely close to her grandmother, Sharmila Tagore, whom she fondly regards as her badi amma. The young diva remarked that she often takes tips from the latter, and even recalled a particular one that Sharmila Tagore gave her. Talking about it, Sara said:

“I spoke to my daadi a lot because I said you know I am a very loud person and Usha is not, you are not. She said things like jab baatein karte ha, zyada haathon ka istemal mat karna.”


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