PeeCee opens up about ‘cornered’ in Bollywood remark; says ‘Made peace with it’

Updated:10 months, 1 week ago

Mumbai, April 03 (ANI): Weeks after her ‘cornered’ in Bollywood remark made at a podcast in the US, global star Priyanka Chopra on April 03 in Mumbai opened up about her statement and credited her current ‘confidence’ behind being able to speak over her ‘phase’ on an international level openly. Recalling the conversation held at the said podcast, the actor also expressed her changed views about herself and said that she has ‘forgiven and made peace’ with it.
“I was asked about my life journey in a podcast. Now, I was confident enough to talk about that phase of my life. Now, being where I am, I’m okay enough to articulate what I felt. I had a very tumultuous relationship with what occurred but I forgave and made my peace with it. That’s why it was okay to talk about it this time,” the actor said. Bollywood was left a little shaken post-PeeCee’s ‘cornered’ remark. Chopra, in the podcast, further said that her moving to Hollywood was a result of that ‘phase’ where she felt ‘corner’ in the industry.
The remarks were made at the press conference of her upcoming film Citadel in Mumbai on April 03.

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