Nita Ambani Gives Special Performance For Granddaughters, Aadiya And Veda On ‘Vishwambhari Stuti’

Nita Ambani Gives Special Performance For Granddaughters, Aadiya And Veda On 'Vishwambhari Stuti'

The Ambanis have hosted a three-day grand affair to celebrate their son, Anant Ambani’s union with Radhika Merchant. After a starry cocktail night with heartfelt speeches of the Ambani family to a crazy dance night at the Rouge Mela, Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani finalised their relationship with a signing ceremony called Hastakshar in front of their family and friends at the Radha-Krishna temple. The couple was decked up as the bride and the groom, and they took our hearts away.

Nita Ambani stole hearts with her divine performance for Maa Ambe

On March 3, 2024, Nita Ambani left everyone speechless with her divine dance performance. For her son, Anant’s special day, she invoked Goddess Ambe with her nritya (dance). Her every mudra gave chills down our spine as divinity radiated through her face. Another highlight of her dance performance was that it was dedicated to her granddaughters, Aadiya and Veda. 

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For the unversed, Nita Ambani gave a stirring performance on Vishwamabhari Stuti, which is a sacred hymn dedicated to Maa Ambe. From childhood, Nita Ambani has listened to this hymn during every Navratri.

Watch the video here!

Dulhan, Radhika Merchant made a stunning entry on ‘Din Sagna Da’ during her Hastakshar ceremony

A the Radha-Krishna temple in Jamnagar, Gujarat, Radhika and Anant signed the wedding papers in front of the world. For the ceremony, Radhika donned a beautiful lehenga and covered her head with a dupatta. She looked gorgeous as she made her way towards the stage, where her groom-to-be, Anant was waiting for her. In the clip, we can see Janhvi Kapoor showering flowers on the bride-to-be. 

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Ahead of pre-wedding festivities, the Ambani family hosted Anna Seva

On February 28, 2024, as the Ambani family hosted Anna Seva to seek blessings from the people, Radhika and Anant also participated in it and served food. Radhika Merchant’s family, including her parents, Viren Merchant and Shaila V Merchant, also participated in the Anna Seva. For the unversed, the Ambani family is known for hosting Anna Seva ahead of their children’s grand wedding. They followed the same ritual for their daughter, Isha Ambani’s wedding in 2018 and then for their son, Akash Ambani’s wedding in 2019. 

We are totally in awe of Nita Ambani’s ethereal performance!

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