Neetu Kapoor Once Revealed She Doesn’t Want A Bahu Who Breaks Family With Scissors, Netizens React

Neetu Kapoor Once Revealed She Doesn't Want A Bahu Who Breaks Family With Scissors, Netizens React

Neetu Kapoor has always been a strong lady who never shies away from expressing her view of point. After her son Ranbir Kapoor’s linkup reports with Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif surfaced, a lot of media reports revealed how she didn’t like the ladies in her son’s life. In fact, there was an instance when Neetu Kapoor had ‘cropped’ Katrina Kaif from their annual Christmas lunch picture, leaving everyone shocked. Recently, we stumbled upon an old video of Neetu Kapoor giving advice on what kind of girl he should marry. 

Neetu Kapoor once advised Ranbir Kapoor to marry a girl who comes with needle and not scissors to break the family

Recently, a Redditor took to the discussion platform and dropped a video of Ranbir Kapoor on Simi Garewal’s show, Simi Selects India’s Most Desirable. In the video, Neetu Kapoor gave a video message wherein she advised Ranbir that there are two kinds of girls — one who comes with scissors and one who comes with needles. She added that the first one comes to break the family while the latter mends the family needle. She was quoted as saying:

“There are two kinds of girls, one who comes with scissors, and one who comes with needle. Scissors is the one who breaks the family or jo needle ke sath aati hai that kind off mends the family together, makes sure the family stays together. And that’s the girl I would like.”

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As soon as the video was posted, netizens flooded the comments section. One user wrote, “Aurat hi Aurat ki sabse badi Dushman wala example he yeh.” Another commented, “The most nonsensical take I’ve ever heard… see Sharmila Tagore’s interview where she says that the daughter-in-law is new and the onus lies with the family to make her feel welcome… not the other way around.” One netizens also noticed Ranbir’s awkwardness in the end.

Watch the video here!

When Neetu Kapoor exposed Alia Bhatt’s truth of not wanting a destination wedding 

Earlier, we had stumbled upon a video of Alia Bhatt and her mother-in-law, Neetu Kapoor, speaking about the couple’s wedding in separate interviews that went viral on the internet. A page on Reddit shared the compilation video, in which Alia was seen talking about destination weddings and called it ‘too stressful’. She also called it a show-off and said that it wasn’t for her. She was quoted as saying:

“I don’t like show off, it’s actually very stressful for me. The idea of taking people and travelling to another location and setting up that place. That’s just too stressful for me. We are not like big kind of celebratory people.”

Watch the video here!

In the same video, Neetu Kapoor revealed that Alia and Ranbir wanted to marry in South Africa, but ended up getting married at home. Neetu was quoted as saying:

“Ranbir and Alia had planned so much that ‘We’ll go to South Africa, we’ll do a recce,’ and eventually, where did they do it (marry)? At their home. Since two years we were planning we’ll go here, and we were seeing pictures. We were completely going nuts. But this was the best, and she looked so beautiful.”

What do you think about Neetu Kapoor’s old advice for her son, Ranbir?

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