Mahira Khan Said She Was Asked To Get A Nose Job During Her Initial Days ‘Ye Naak Nahi Khatarnaak..’

Mahira Khan Said She Was Asked To Get A Nose Job During Her Initial Days 'Ye Naak Nahi Khatarnaak..'

Mahira Khan has made a name for herself not only in Lollywood but all across the world. Ever since she ventured into Pakistan’s entertainment industry, she has enthralled audiences with her versatile acting, charming personality, and beauty. Mahira rose to popularity with her role as ‘Khirad’ in the drama, Humsafar. Later in 2017, she stepped into the glamorous world of Bollywood, starring opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the movie, Raaes

When Mahira Khan shared how she was asked to undergo surgery to enhance her nose

Mahira, who is hailed as one of the best-looking actresses in the Pakistani entertainment industry, once recalled an incident in which she was asked to undergo nose surgery. During a roundtable discussion with other female actors on her digital platform, Mashion, Mahira spoke about how someone made a comment regarding her nose and asked her to undergo the knife. She said:

“Allah ki kasam main jab iss industry mein aayi thi tab (log mujhe kehte) ‘Ye naak nahi khatarnaak hai’. I swear and it was at that time when everybody was getting whatever (job done), and I was like ‘Nahi, naak nahi katungi.’” 

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Netizens reactions to Mahira Khan’s anecdote

A small clip, where Mahira talked about getting a nose job, was recently shared by the media portal, Wow 360 on their Instagram page. Upon hearing this anecdote from Mahira, netizens have penned their thoughts. While some claimed that the actress might have undergone rhinoplasty, others just found this incident hilarious. One user said, “But she did a little bit of nose job I have noticed.” Another one wrote, “Yeh naak nahi khatarnak hai is wild.” A third comment can be read as “She has a naturally good nose!!! Kudos to her not doing anything.”

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Check out the video here.

Mahira Khan spoke about how social media has changed the idea of beauty

As per a report by Indian Express, during an interaction with Anupama Chopra on her podcast, the Pakistani star shared her thoughts on the superficial beauty portrayed on social media. The actress said that she was amused to see how far people have gone to propagate the idea of perfect beauty. She said:

“I look at Instagram or social media, and I keep thinking, it’s crazy. How far down we’ve gone into this sort of idea of what beauty is, and how perfect one has to be. I don’t think it’s cool and I don’t think that that’s something we should propagate at all.”

Mahira Khan was affected when people used to judge her nose

During the same interaction, Mahira mentioned that she had come from a place where there used to be no filters, and everything depended on the angles of the cameras. That’s why people used to tell her that her nose looked fat, and it severely impacted her earlier. But she was glad that she never opted to undergo a knife, and chose to hone her skills. She said:

“I have come from a place when there were no filters, there was just the basic thing of angles. People used to tell me, Iss angle mein na naak badi lagti hai’, I would be like, what? It used to affect me. There was a time when it was put into my head that you should be shot from a particular angle and there should be no low angles. Glad that I didn’t do it. As an actor, it’s a fail on my part if people will look at me and say, yaar iski naak moti lag rahi hai’. After a while, they should forget about my nose, my cheeks, my hair.”

What are your thoughts on Mahira Khan’s revelations about how people used to ask her to get a nose job? Let us know.

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