‘Let Him Have His Privacy’

Kiran Rao On Why She And Aamir Kept Their Son, Azad Away From Paparazzi: 'Let Him Have His Privacy'

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao are one such former couple, who has been redefining the idea of partnership despite being divorced. For the unversed, the duo who got married in December 2005 decided to go separate ways by announcing their separation in July 2021. However, both of them still stand as each other’s pillar of strength and continue to co-parent their son, Azad. Moreover, they have also collaborated professionally, proving the kind of respect they tend to have for one another to this date.

Kiran Rao reveals why she and ex-husband, Aamir Khan decided to keep their son, Azad away from paparazzi

In a recent interaction with News18 Showsha, Kiran Rao opened up about the dynamics she shares with her ex-husband, Aamir Khan, especially when it concerns their son, Azad. The filmmaker revealed that in an age where constant paparazzi attention is the new trend, they have been able to keep their son away from its unnecessary prowl with their own low-key lifestyle. Adding how the duo value the need for privacy even in their child’s life, Kiran said:

“I feel like children should have their privacy. Kids who are interested in coming in public then sure, but Azad never really was interested in these big events, so we let him have his privacy. Aamir and I, as people, are very unassuming. We are not the kind of glamorous people who go out and party or go to events all that much. I think it follows from the fact that we don’t go, so he doesn’t have a reason to be out and about on the red carpet. He is not as interested and neither am I too keen to take him. I think children need to find their own areas of interest.”

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Kiran reveals her son, Azad is more interested in animation than live action

Well, the young boy, Azad happens to be the son of two extremely talented individuals. While his father, Aamir Khan is one of the most talented actors in Bollywood, his mother, Kiran Rao is an exemplary filmmaker in the business. Talking more about his son’s interest, the latter, in the same interview, revealed that her son prefers to be more interested in animation over live-action, when it comes to films. Explaining more, Kiran revealed:

“In the beginning, he used to be a little scared of films because films have heightened emotions and he is very sensitive, like a super empathetic kid. He used to get very affected by… things what other kids find quite normal… as Star Wars starts with a TIE Fighter crashing and I had to leave the cinema house with him because he was like ‘what happened to the pilot?’ So, initially, he found it very hard to watch live-action. He can watch animation but live action is too close to home. Having said that now he is 12, I am sure he is ready to watch stuff.”


Kiran Rao remarked on having a wonderful equation with her ex-husband, Aamir Khan

Previously, in an interview with Film Companion, Kiran Rao opened up on the kind of equation she continues to share with her ex-husband, Aamir Khan. Despite having gone separate ways, they continue to collaborate with one another professionally, and showcase exceptional support for one another. Speaking along the same lines, Kiran added that she found great support from him and his family even after their divorce, which naturally led to her soar professionally and personally to newer heights.

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Aamir Khan once confessed taking relationships for granted in his life

For the unversed, Aamir Khan’s personal life hasn’t really been a bed of roses. Before Kiran Rao, he first got married to Reena Dutta 1986, and they welcomed their children, Ira and Junaid into their lives. However, his first marriage ended in 2002. Fast forward to now, the actor tends to share a great equation with both his ex-wives and showers love equally to all three of his children. In one of his previous interviews with News18, Aamir admitted being careless about his relations, thereby taking them for granted. He had said:

“Somewhere I didn’t shoulder my responsibilities. I would start with my parents, my siblings, my first wife – Reena ji, Kiran ji, Reena’s parents, Kiran’s parents, my children, all these people I am talking about are my close ones. When I was 18, when I joined the film industry, I got so absorbed, I wanted to learn so much, I wanted to do so much that I somewhere — today I realise — people who were close to me, I couldn’t give them time the way I wanted to.”


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