Lambasingi Review: This Divi Vadthya-starrer’s Predictable Plot Falls Flat

 Lambasingi was directed by Naveen Gandhi.

Lambasingi was directed by Naveen Gandhi.

The much-anticipated film has hit theatres today, on March 15.

Actress Divi Vadthya won millions of hearts with her short but fiery stint in the popular reality show, Bigg Boss Telugu season 4. Now, she has graced the silver screen with her much-awaited movie Lambasingi. She is starring in the movie alongside Bharath Raj, who is making his acting debut with it. The much-anticipated film has hit theatres today, on March 15. Let’s take a look at its review. The movie is helmed by Naveen Gandhi.

In Lambasingi, Bharath Raj played the role of Veera Babu, a responsible police constable. He has been given the charge of Lambasingi, an agency area in Andhra Pradesh, for his first posting. After shifting there, he fell in love with Haritha (Divi Vadthya). However, tensions escalate when the local MLA is killed by Naxalites. As Veera Babu started his investigation deeper into the case, he came to know about Haritha’s true identity and her mysterious past. Is she linked to the MLA’s murder case? What actions will Veera Babu take next? The movie’s plot reveals all the specifics in further detail.

Analysis: The film’s story is very good, but it seems a bit slow at the beginning. It picks up speed in the later half. The way the director has developed Divi Vadthya’s character in the film will impress the audience. The twist that comes before the interval is gripping. In the second half, Naveen Gandhi made the story even more interesting. He has designed the screenplay very carefully without giving the audience time to think. The comedy was on point. The emotional scenes were average.

Lambasingi: Positives – Cinematography


Lambasingi: Negatives – Predictable Plot


All in all, Lambasingi fails to set itself apart from similar narratives. Despite satisfactory performances by Jai Bharat Raj and Divi Vadthya and a few enjoyable musical moments, the film lacks originality, coherent storytelling, and robust character development. For those searching for engaging entertainment, exploring alternative options is strongly recommended.

Lambasingi marks the first movie for Soggade Chinni Nayana, famed director of Kalyan Krishan’s production house Concept Films.

Earlier, when the makers released the trailer for the film, it received immense attention. Filmmaker Harish Shankar released the trailer. While launching the theatrical trailer, Harish Shankar wished the team good luck and prayed for their success.

At the event, Harish Shankar said, “Kalyan Krishna is doing a movie, which I feel is my own movie.” He further said he loved the movie trailer and the place where the movie was shot.

According to reports, the movie is shot in a village in Andhra Pradesh named Lambasingi. Galipatam fame director Naveen Gandhi has returned to the silver screen after a decade with this movie. His last movie was in 2014.

K Bujji is in charge of the film’s cinematography, while RR Dhruva has provided the music score.

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