Han So-hee Confirms Dating Rumours With Ryu Jun Yeol, Says She’ll Apologise To Hyeri

Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: March 16, 2024, 15:17 IST

Han So-hee has released a lengthy statement addressing her fans. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Han So-hee has released a lengthy statement addressing her fans. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Han So-hee confirmed her relationship with Rye Jun Yeol and said that she would apologise to Hyeri, just a day after her agency denied her and Rye Jun-yeol’s romantic involvement.

South Korean actress Han So-hee has confirmed that she is dating Ryu Jun Yeol, just one day after her agency denied the rumours. Speculations arose on March 15 when Han So-hee and Ryu Jun Yeol were seen vacationing together in Hawaii. While Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency confirmed his presence there, they refrained from commenting on the dating rumours. Initially, as reported by Soompi, Han So-hee’s agency denied the rumours, saying that she was on vacation with some of her close friends. However, much to the surprise of her fans and viewers, the situation has now taken a turn.

The rumours swirled around when Hyeri, who had dated Ryu Jun Yeol for six years before their breakup last November, posted a cryptic Instagram Story. She uploaded a photo of a vacation spot with the caption, “It’s fun.” Han So-hee responded with a photo of a dog holding a knife, along with a message seemingly aimed at clarifying her stance on relationships.

“I give them space, interest, or establish a relationship in the guise of friendship, and I don’t meddle in other people’s relationships. I enjoy watching romance dramas, but they are not part of my life,” read her text.

Clapping back at the former Girl’s Day member Hyeri, Han So-hee had also uploaded a story that said “It’s fun for me too.” This story has now been deleted by the actress.

Before this incident, in November last year, Han So-hee had reportedly posted a picture of attending Ryu Jun Yeol’s photo exhibition around the time of his breakup with Hyeri, informs Soompi.

Now, on March 16, she addressed the dating rumours in a lengthy statement on her blog, confirming her relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol. She clarified that their relationship began only after Ryu Jun Yeol had ended his previous relationship with Hyeri.

Han So-hee also apologised for her now-deleted Instagram Story, admitting that she acted out of line due to rumours suggesting she began dating Ryu Jun Yeol before his breakup. She expressed regret for her actions, acknowledging that she should have handled the situation more wisely.

“I’m writing this in the hopes that I can hurt my precious fans even a little bit less. First, it’s true that we are in a relationship with positive feelings. However, I hope that people will not use the word “transfer.” Second, when we exchanged feelings for one another, it was already the beginning of 2024, and his breakup with that person was already wrapped up in early 2023,” said Han So-hee.

“Third, my pathetic Instagram story. It’s true, it was pathetic and lame. I temporarily lost all reason and behaved rudely. I will apologize to that person [Hyeri] regarding this fact, and I sincerely apologize to you all for not reacting wisely. Because I acted based on my emotions rather than rational thinking, I acknowledge that this is completely my fault, regardless of my reasons,” she added, reports Soompi.

In her long statement, Han So-hee also promised to reflect on her behaviour. She vowed to become a better version of herself and thanked her supporters for standing by her.

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