Fighter Box Office: Film emerges as Hrithik Roshan’s fourth movie to gross Rs. 300+ cr. worldwide :Bollywood Box Office

In an achievement that solidifies his position as one of Bollywood’s biggest box office draws, Hrithik Roshan adds another milestone to his illustrious career as Fighter becomes his fourth film to gross over Rs. 300 crore worldwide. Joining the ranks of his previous blockbusters War, Krrish 3, and Bang Bang, Fighter reaffirms Hrithik Roshan’s status as a box office powerhouse, captivating audiences worldwide with its exhilarating action and compelling performances.

Fighter Box Office: Film emerges as Hrithik Roshan’s fourth movie to gross Rs. 300+ cr. worldwide

Fighter’s remarkable performance at the worldwide box office, with a gross of Rs. 302.84 crore and counting, continues Hrithik Roshan’s legacy of delivering blockbuster hits. Building on the massive success of his previous films, the actor once again proves his ability to attract audiences and dominate the box office with his charismatic presence and captivating performances.

With Fighter crossing the Rs. 300 crore mark, Hrithik Roshan now finds himself in the esteemed company of a select few actors who have achieved this rare feat multiple times in their careers. His consistent track record of delivering high-grossing films underscores his popularity and the enduring appeal of his on-screen persona.

Fighter’s success is not limited to the Indian market alone; it has also made waves internationally, further solidifying Hrithik Roshan’s global appeal. Audiences across different countries have been enthralled by the film’s gripping narrative, adrenaline-pumping action sequences, and stellar performances, contributing to its impressive worldwide gross.

As Fighter continues its triumphant march at the box office, it sets new benchmarks for success and achievement in the industry. Its ability to resonate with audiences of all ages and demographics speaks volumes about Hrithik Roshan’s star power and the universal appeal of well-crafted storytelling.

Fighter’s remarkable box office performance, crossing the Rs. 300 crore mark worldwide, is a testament to Hrithik Roshan’s excellence as an actor and a testament to the enduring popularity of his films. With each successive blockbuster, he continues to raise the bar for cinematic excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the world of Indian cinema. As Fighter continues to soar, Hrithik Roshan’s legacy as a box office king only grows stronger, promising even greater triumphs in the future.

Hrithik Roshan’s Top 4 Rs. 300 cr + Grossers at a glance
War – Rs. 475.5 cr.
Krrish 3 – Rs. 393.37 cr.
Bang Bang – Rs. 332.43 cr.
Fighter – Rs. 302.84 cr.

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