Event Manager Reveals What Went Wrong During The Show, ‘He Banged His..’

Aditya Narayan Controversy: Event Manager Reveals What Went Wrong During The Show, 'He Banged His..'

Aditya Narayan, the son of the legendary Indian singer, Udit Narayan, followed in the footsteps of his father and joined the music industry in 1992. Unfortunately, he failed to achieve the popularity and love that his father received during his time in the industry. Moreover, Aditya has, time and again, become a target for the trolls for various reasons. Recently, the singer received much backlash for losing his cool during a stage show.

Aditya Narayan lost his temper on stage and threw a person’s phone

On February 12, 2024, a video surfaced online which showcased the singer-turned-TV host, Aditya throwing away a fan’s phone. During his show at Rungta R2 College in Bhilai, Chattisgarh, the singer got angry at a fan, who was trying to capture the moments from the show. In the video, Aditya was seen hitting the person’s hand, and eventually, he snatched his phone away and threw it in the middle of the crowd. 

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The event manager of the show has cleared the air around the incident

Now, the event manager has come forward to share details about the same incident. In an interview with zoom, the manager revealed that the person, in fact, was not a student in the college. He further claimed that the singer lost his cool when that person tried to drag him by his feet. The event manager said:

“That boy was not even a college student; he must be someone from outside the college. He was constantly dragging Aditya’s feet nonstop. He was very irritating. He banged his phone on Aditya’s feet multiple times. After that only did he lose his cool.” 

The event manager said that the same person took around 200 selfies with Aditya, which he happily obliged. He recalled that the entire concert went pretty smoothly except for this one untoward incident. The manager further said that the show went on for another two hours after this minor hiccup. He said:

“He must have taken almost 200 selfies with this student. The whole concert went smooth apart from this. After this incident, the show went on for almost two hours. If the student was right, he would have come forward.”

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The event manager said that singers have stopped doing shows in colleges because of these untoward incidents

The event manager further heaped praises on Aditya and said that the college never ever had a concert as good as this one. He further added that even singers like Darshan Rawal have stopped doing events in colleges because these kinds of incidents keep happening every now and then. The manager also said that people just know one side of the story, and without even knowing the other, they start reacting to it. He said:

“Even Darshan Rawal stopped doing such college events because these kinds of activities keep happening in every city. People don’t know the truth behind everything. You just see one side. He kept continuously hitting and dragging Aditya, what if he had fallen down? If this boy was right, he would have come forward and told the college authorities that this had happened to him. I have been connected with the college for many years and they haven’t had a good concert like this one ever. They have said so themselves.”

Do you think Aditya Narayan’s actions were justifiable? Let us know.

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