Cheshta Bhagat Reveals That Nikhil Mehta Was Already In A 5-Year-Long Relationship As He Dated Her

Cheshta Bhagat Reveals That Nikhil Mehta Was Already In A 5-Year-Long Relationship As He Dated Her

The Temptation Island couple, Chestha Bhagat and Nikhil Mehta, was one of the most loved pairs in the show. The two formed a bond during the course of the show, and in the finale, Nikhil even proposed to Cheshta and said the three magical words to her. After the show, the couple continued their relationship and often took to their respective social media to express their love for one another. 

For the unversed, Temptation Island is a dating reality show where couples come to test their relationship and go through several rounds of temptations that force them to examine their loyalty and integrity. In the end, the couples decide if they want to continue their relationship or leave the show alone or with any other connection they made in the show. Chestha entered the show with her long-term boyfriend, Arjun Aneja, but the duo decided to call it quits in the show, and Chestha left with Nikhil.

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Cheshta Bhagat revealed that Nikhil Mehta lied and cheated on her all along 

Cheshta Bhagat and Nikhil exited the show together and continued their romance even outside the Temptation Island’s premises. However, Cheshta learned from Nikhil’s girlfriend in February 2024, that he double-timed the two and lied to them all along. Nikhil was in a five-year-long relationship when he entered the show and hid this fact from everyone. Despite his involvement with another female, he continued to lie to Cheshta and even promised marriage to her. 

In an explosive interview with Siddharth Kannan, Cheshta Bhagat revealed that a few weeks back, Nikhil’s girlfriend reached out to her and shared that Nikhil was cheating and lying to them both. She added that Nikhil has told two different stories to them both, where he has told his GF that he is with Cheshta for commercials and the relationship is only namesake and only for the show. He was simultaneously lying to Cheshta and giving her false hopes of love and commitment.

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Cheshta Bhagat shared that after knowing the truth, she has taken a step back and cut all ties with Nikhil

Cheshta Bhagat added that after knowing Nikhil’s real face, she doesn’t want to associate with him in any way. She has cut all ties with him and has not fought with him or created a scene but has silently stepped back. Cheshta further added that she has no complaints with Nikhil’s girlfriend but is thankful to her for revealing the truth. At the same time, she understands that she, too, has been betrayed by Nikhil.

Cheshta also shared that people have been calling her names and blaming her for ending the relationship, but that’s not the case. She is the one who got cheated on and is suffering, and the public trolling is affecting her mental health. Cheshta also added that she is not angry with Nikhil but disheartened and disappointed with him. 

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