Arbaaz Khan On Salman Khan Being Paid More In Home Production, ‘Can Take A Few Liberties With Him’

Arbaaz Khan On Salman Khan Being Paid More In Home Production, 'Can Take A Few Liberties With Him'

Salman Khan is undoubtedly one of the foremost superstars of Bollywood, and there cannot be any doubt about it. The actor has been mesmerising generations of audiences with his unparalleled performances, and none of his films are less than a blockbuster at the box-office. And now, his brother, Arbaaz Khan revealed some unheard anecdotes about the former’s work and professionalism, while working under his home production.

Arbaaz Khan says he cannot take his brother, Salman Khan for granted when he is an actor

In a recent interaction on the show, Timeout With Ankit, Arbaaz Khan talked about maintaining utmost professionalism while working with his brother and superstar, Salman Khan. He remarked that the latter was his brother at home and not on the set, and he cannot take treat him like any other actor on the sets. He mentioned:

“He should not feel ghar ki murgi daal barabar. On set, he gets the respect of a superstar. He should not feel that ‘because I am your brother, you call me before time, you make me do more work’. So, we have to be more careful. We have to treat him like how others treat him on set, which is his profession, which I have to respect. He is not my brother on set, he is my brother at home.”

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Arbaaz reveals Salman gets paid more while working under his home banner

Moving forth in the interaction, Arbaaz remarked that as a brother, he can, at times, take some liberties with Salman Khan while they are working. But at the end, they have to maintain professional equations. However, when it comes to payment, it has to be ensured that Salman Khan is paid the maximum, in comparison to what he has got from all his films. In his words:

“I can take a few liberties with him. But I can’t get away with not fulfilling his demands. That’s not even right. We feel that we have to keep that integrity, that professionalism going. In terms of the commercials also, when he is working with us, whatever his market price is at that time is what we both achieve and give it to him. We have always given him the highest price that he has got from all his films. He is bringing so much to the table, so he deserves that. It’s not like it’s going from my pocket. He is a superstar, there is money involved, he is getting that. That’s how his price also increased. You have to respect people’s value.”


Arbaaz once revealed that his brother, Salman gives the worst relationship advice

Previously, in an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Arbaaz Khan revealed that his brother, Salman Khan was the worst at giving relationship advices. The actor took a hilarious dig at his answer and claimed why it was self-explanatory for him not going to his brother for any advice on his personal life.

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Arbaaz Khan took a sassy dig on getting married for a second time

Previously, during his stint on the reality show, Madness Machayenge: India Ko Hasayenge, Arbaaz Khan took a sassy dig on getting married for a second time. For the unversed, he was previously married to Malaika Arora, and the duo ended their marriage after 19 years. It was in December 2023, that Arbaaz got married again to Sshura Khan. Coming back to the show, when the comedian, Harsh Gujral made a joke on Arbaaz’s second marriage, the latter sassily remarked:

“Benchmark set kara hai. Sabke liye scope rakha hai.”


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