Animal becomes the third Bollywood film to cross 15 mil. USD mark at the North America box office :Bollywood Box Office

Bollywood’s global influence continues to expand, and the latest testament to its growing popularity is the success of the film Animal in North America. Crossing the USD 15 million mark at the box office, Animal has become the third Bollywood film to achieve this milestone in the region, showcasing the industry’s increasing resonance with international audiences.

With this new benchmark, Animal now joins previous releases like Pathan and Jawan that have crossed the USD 15 million mark at the North America box office. Leading the pack is the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Pathaan, which has not only surpassed the USD 15 million mark but has set a new benchmark with a staggering collection of USD 17.48 million in North America. The film’s appeal lies in its star power, gripping narrative, and captivating performances. Following closely is the second Shah Rukh Khan release of 2023 Jawan that managed to captivate North American audiences, grossing an impressive USD 15.22 million. Now, joining the elite club of Bollywood hits in North America is Animal, which has roared its way to the USD 15 million milestone. Starring a stellar cast and featuring a gripping storyline, the film has left an indelible mark on the international box office.

Animal has not only achieved financial success but has also garnered critical acclaim for its storytelling, performances, and the ability to connect with a global audience. The film’s exploration of complex themes, coupled with intense and authentic portrayals by the cast, has contributed to its triumph at the North American box office.

The success of Animal and other Bollywood films in North America highlights the increasing global recognition of Indian cinema. Audiences are not only embracing the vibrant storytelling and diverse genres of Bollywood but are actively seeking out and supporting these films in international markets.

Animal has etched its name in the history of Bollywood’s international success by becoming the third film to cross the USD 15 million mark at the North America box office. This achievement not only adds to the film’s accolades but also reinforces the global appeal of Indian cinema. As Bollywood continues to make waves on the international stage, the success of Animal stands as a testament to the industry’s ability to captivate audiences around the world with its unique storytelling and cinematic brilliance.

All Time Top 3 Highest Grossers at the North America box office
Pathaan – USD 17.48 mil.
Jawan – USD 15.22 mil.
Animal – USD 15 mil.

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