Adah Sharma Wants Bastar: The Naxal Story To Shake People Up, Says ‘It Should Really Disturb You’

Adah Sharma in Bastar: The Naxal Story.

Adah Sharma in Bastar: The Naxal Story.

Adah Sharma opened up about her upcoming film Bastar: The Naxal story and the significance behind the film.

Adah Sharma is all set to once again captivate the audience with her power-packed performance in the upcoming film Bastar. The makers have released the trailer today and it has impressed fans a lot. Co-produced by Aashin A. Shah under the banner of Sunshine Pictures, the film is scheduled to hit theatres on March 15, 2024. Speaking about her upcoming film, Adah Sharma shared that her character had a major impact on her.

In an interview with the entertainment portal PinkVilla, Adah Sharma stated, “Yes, I think it does, and as an actor, I think it should because that is your job. Because if I say it doesn’t touch me at all, I am not affected by it. I’ll just come to set and act a little bit and do my lines and say everything and come back home, I think then it’s wrong there will be a very plastic performance that comes out because I am just acting a little bit and coming back.”

She added, “I think if you are doing realistic films, even if I am doing a fictional thing, I read a lot about what I am doing. So moreover, if you are doing a realistic thing, I want to know everything that happened.

Even when we made Kerala Story, Sudipto used to send me really disturbing videos, and I used to obsessively watch them all night. Then I’d get these weird dreams about these weird things happening. But again, I am fortunate that I live in a house with my family, and I can go back home, but of course it does.”

Emphasizing on the importance of Bastar, Adah Sharma added, “It shouldn’t just touch you; it should sc*r you, it should shake you up as would not just me being an actor but any other girl, any other person from our country who has patriotism in their hearts, who loves their country. If you say 76 of our jawans were brutally k*ll*d by people who lived in our country, then it should shake you up a lot. It should really affect you and disturb you, and I would let it affect and disturb me because then I think it’ll just be in my performance, and I’ll be able to get some realist.”

The trailer opens with the Naxalites targeting police officers. They are against the government and in this naxals are also beating common people. Adah Sharma, who is shown as an IPS officer, is up for taking revenge against them. Adah Sharma took to her Instagram handle to release three posters from the film. The first poster depicts a haunting scene with a few men hung up on a road, while the second poster features Adah Sharma standing tall on the battlefield as the film’s lead character, IG Neerja Madhavan. The third poster introduces the menacing antagonist, gazing directly into the camera, against a backdrop of raging fire.

Bastar: The Naxal Story stars Adah Sharma in the lead role and completed its shooting within a span of two months, starting last October.

Adah Sharma was last seen in The Kerala Story. The movie was at the centre of controversy due to its sensitive topic of religious conversion and Love Jihad.

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