Actress Suzanne Bernert Opens Up About Finding Love After Her Husband’s Death In 2023

Akhil Mishradied in September 2023.

Akhil Mishradied in September 2023.

Suzanne Bernert is now in a relationship with the Delhi-based Arjun Hardas who works with an NGO.

Actress Suzanne Bernert faced the toughest time of her life after losing her husband and 3 Idiots actor Akhil Mishra. Akhil died in September 2023 but now Suzanne is ready to move forward in her life. She talked about it in an exclusive interview with the Times of India.

Suzanne Bernert is now in a relationship with the Delhi-based Arjun Hardas who works with an NGO. She talked about the changes while moving forward and said, “It’s intriguing to discover how multiple emotions can coexist. Arjun understands whatever I am today is because of Akhil. He acknowledges Akhil is a part of me and the intention isn’t to replace him. Akhil was my beloved one, and I want his memory as an amazing human being and actor to live on.” Suzanne added that she and Arjun are just getting to know each other and are planning to be in a long-term relationship.

It was earlier reported that Akhil Mishra had died after he accidentally fell in the kitchen. In an interview with the Free Press Journal, Suzanne said that they will never get to know what happened. She also revealed that Akhil was conscious even when he was being taken to the hospital. Suzanne further said that he was able to speak to their friends who had taken him to the hospital, adding that he could still answer questions in the emergency room but then passed away due to an internal haemorrhage at the Bhaktivedanta Hospital.

Akhil Mishra last acted in the short film Majnu Ki Juliet which was written and directed by him as well. He played the role of a rickshaw driver in this film starring Suzanne, Vinod Jain and Madan Saxena. Social media users appreciated Akhil’s work and remembered his phenomenal acting prowess in past many works as well.

Akhil made his debut in the films with the role of Pitamber in the film Dhat Tere… Ki was directed by Meraj. This film starred Ravi Baswani, Kiran Vairale, Manju Mishra, Abhi Bhattacharya, and others. Manju was also married to Akhil until she died in 1997.

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